Let’s Speak English

Newly arrived refugees have many needs, one of the greatest is the ability to communicate in English. Some need to speak and write it as soon as possible in order to find jobs. Others need to understand it to acclimate to American culture. Many will need comprehensive English skills to become citizens.

Since every refugee comes with individualized needs and aspirations, Abounding Service is developing an individualized program to teach refugees how to use English for their own needs and goals. Let’s Speak English encourages refugees to begin studying at their own skill levels and advance according to their own abilities.

Let’s Speak English uses individualized, computer-based programs from Project Light, Rosetta Stone, and other resources. It also uses printed materials originally designed by Frank Laubach, and activities created by Let’s Speak English volunteers.

The goal of Let’s Speak English is to provide a personal Encourager (tutor) for each student. Encouragers provide a personal relationship, accountability, and assistance.

Students attend Let’s Speak English classes twice a week for two hours per class. There are 12 classes per Unit of Study. Each student deposits $20.00 for a Unit of Study. A full refund is given for perfect attendance or one absence, half for two absences and none for three or more absences.

Since refugees are usually first resettled in the “Corridor,” generally an area of one to two miles on either side of I-17, from Thomas to Dunlap, Let’s Speak English classes are held at:

Phoenix, AZ:

35th Ave & Dunlap

Mondays, Thursdays 9-11 am; 11 am-1 pm;  6-8 pm
Tuesdays, Saturdays 9-11 am; 11 am-1 pm

Volunteer Encouragers are needed for every class. When there are sufficient Encouragers for these classes, more locations and classes will be added. The need is great!

Please contact us through the form below if you have any more questions about the programs we offer or would like to become an Encourager for one of our classes. 

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