• I know God tells us to care for the stranger in the land, and that these days it includes UN sponsored refugees.
  • I know refugees need English and relationships to integrate and flourish in the US.
  • But I don’t really know how to teach English and I don’t know how to develop a relationship with someone who seems so different from me.
  • This sounds like something I might want to do. What does it take?

Step 1

Can you read English and speak it clearly?

Can you smile with an adult from another culture?

Can you volunteer for a two-hour class per week? For six weeks?

Step 2 

Contact us to learn how to make a difference by encouraging adult refugee students as they learn to speak English using computer programs such as Rosetta Stone.

Step 3

Experience transformation in your own life and the students’ lives as you get to know and enrich each other!

Contact Us

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